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Mrs. Culton was born and raised in Columbus. After high school, she attended the University of Texas in Austin and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education with certification in reading and kindergarten. While waiting for a teaching job in Austin, she worked in a day care until she was told she had rheumatoid arthritis and returned to Columbus against her wishes. However, she needed a job and was offered a position as the third grade teacher at St. Anthony School in 1978. (Our SAS vice-principal, Mrs. Cantu, was in my very first class.) SAS still had 3 nuns teaching at that time. Mrs. Culton loved teaching at St. Anthony’s! However, she moved to the hill country 4 years later. She taught at Blanco ISD for several years until she was once again called back to Columbus. She taught third grade for a year at Columbus Elementary School. The hill country called her back again, and she taught in Blanco ISD until 1995 when her greatest accomplishment occurred . . . the birth of her son. She was a stay-at-home mom who still tutored for 4 years. Her grandmother’s house in Mentz stood empty, so her husband decided to clean it up, and wanted to move there. So, for the third time she moved back to Columbus! (Against her will.)  In mid or late July, there was an ad in the paper that there was an opening at St. Anthony School. Time to go back to work! 21 years later, she was back at St. Anthony School . . . in the same room . . . teaching the same grade . . . that she started out in fresh from college. She moved to first grade two years later and she’s been at SAS since 1998. Mrs. Culton is hard-headed, but, thankfully, God won this one for her, and got her back to SAS!

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