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Laura Beauchamp has taught 2nd grade at St. Anthony’s for 5 years.  Laura brings years of experience teaching in the early childhood setting with 15 previous years teaching elementary classes. 


Mrs. Beauchamp is a native of Columbus and an alumni of St. Anthony’s Catholic School Class of 1993.  She attended Columbus High School and graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Elementary Education and a certification in ESL.  She is also a parishioner of St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.  Mrs. Beauchamp is involved with the PTC, and helps out with multiple school organizations.   Laura and her husband Scott have 3 daughters that attend St. Anthony’s Catholic School as well. 


Mrs. Beauchamp loves camping, hunting and being outdoors.  She wishes she would have more time to focus on projects at home but she dearly loves watching her own children excel in sports and seeing her past student’s success outside the classroom.  She is truly grateful for the calling from God to follow in her mother’s footsteps and teach 2nd grade at SAS.

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